New Book Reveals: The 9 Secrets of Guaranteed Weight Loss. It will Guide You Step by Step to Achieve Your Dream Body, Health and Satisfaction in 2017.

This simple and easy-to-read guide (written in Queen’s English) will show you… How to change your diet, gives you advice about training and how to create new habits in order to lose weight, change your life style and live a healthier, happier life.


Benefit 1

You will discover the habits you need to get rid of and the habits you need to introduce in your lifestyle in order to achieve your ideal body shape or body weight.

Benefit 2

You will learn about how to eat properly, what to eat and most importantly when to eat it.

Benefit 3

By reading this book you will better understand the concept of weight loss. It will help you to create a new self-image and to follow and get use to your new lifestyle.

FAT OFF: The 9 Secrets for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Are you prepared for something totally different? Are you ready to enter a world where very few tread? Then you need to read this. There has never been a book like this anywhere!

Anybody can write just another weight loss book. This goes far beyond that. This book takes you on a trip deep into your subconscious mind where you’ll learn how to destroy the mental blocks that have always made it difficult to lose weight in the past. Now you can break through those blocks to:

  • Destroy old habits almost instantly
  • Learn how to turn on massive surges of motivation
  • Build up levels of confidence you’ve never seen before
  • Annihilate your excess body fat faster than you ever thought possible
  • And so much more than I can describe here.

Renowned personal trainer Milan King has taken off the gloves and opened the secret doors to your subconscious mind to show you how to re-design your life from the inside out. He’ll show you how to change your diet, give you simple advice about weight training, how to create new habits in order to lose weight, and finally, prove to you that you actually can change your life style and live a healthier, happier life.

You won’t believe how powerful this book is until you read it. You can start your new life TODAY! You just need to take that first step…

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Fat Off – is a really good psychological weight loss guide packed with value that deliver results as long as you commit and stick to it.

Visualization exercise described as well as following simple steps on what to eat using apps and simple to follow physical exercises has resulted in me in losing 7 KG (15 pounds) in 2 1/2 months. I plan to continue this.
The fact that the book has psychology at its foundation with techniques used by top athletes, company directors, lawyers, doctors etc has helped me and others I know massively.


Ismael Hokstam

Ismael Hokstam
IT Specialist