amilyouldMY STORY

My name is Milan A Szarics aka Milan King. Fitness and lifestyle coach. I am working as sought after personal trainer, No 1. weight loss expert and motivator for David Lloyd Leisure Clubs in England. I have successfully trained 100’s of people from different backgrounds including yourself to lose weight and get their health back on track for themselves and their families.

Before I became a personal trainer and weight loss expert, I worked as an elite chef at a Michelin star restaurant, Rosette awarded restaurants and 4-5 star hotels. Throughout my 10 years chef career I learnt a lot about nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle.
The reason I became obsessed with gaining this knowledge was because I myself have personal experience of being over weight/obese.

I was a fat kid, bullied in school and been always laughed at. When I turned 20 I weighed as much as 18 stone/114 kg. My blood pressure along with blood sugar level was dangerously high. At that age I had to take two different medications just to bring my blood pressure down.

The doctor warned if I did not change my life style and eating habits, I would end up diabetic and experience heart disease very early in my life.

At the age of 20! Fucking hell… Can you imagine??? Diabetes… Heart Disease…???   I was really scared!!

At this point I tried to push myself to change. But it was not that easy. I was working 12-14 hour shifts almost 6 days/week in the kitchen. My knees and ankles were swollen at the end of every single working shift. I was struggling with speed, energy and motivation. Not to mention all the food and temptation I was surrounded by all day, every day.

In that period of my life my working day looked like this: get up 7am, go to work till 2pm, have a break (usually sleeping) till 6pm, back in the kitchen till about 11pm.
On the days off I was usually sleeping, watching films and eating crap.

And I was just piling on all that weight.

What a sad, lazy life I had…?! Wow. Unbelievable!


More and more people mentioned, in a jokey manner: “Milan, I see you bulking up mate…JJJ”

My self-esteem was rock bottom and I lost all self-confidence., my confidence had now gone!. And I had no one to help me as all my family and close friends were back home in Hungary. I was down, thinking a lot, feeling depressed and sad.

And one day I realised something. If I didn’t become strong enough to save my own health and life, I might die at a very young age!

Now… Who wants to die young?? Exactly! No one!

I went home, sat down and began to think. So I tried to picture myself what I wanted to look like and I decided, I would go to the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour. At that time I had not yet change my diet. And guess what…

Yes, I started to lose weight anyway. I was so impressed and happy. I had done it on my own.

I said to myself… What If I did the same things I do in the gym but 4 maybe 5 times a week? I should lose the weight even quicker.

So after a month (3 times a week) gym training I switched to 4-5 gym sessions a week and started to eat smaller portions of food. And YES! I was losing about 3-4 lb /week.

After this successful beginning and because of my excitement I stopped eating bread, pasta, rice. So as you can imagine my weight loss became even more impressive and my work out sessions became harder and more intense.

I lost 5 stone in about 4 months! Yes! 5 STONE in 4 MONTHS!

I can not even tell you how happy I was. I changed my entire wardrobe. And bought new clothes, but this time instead of  XXL t-shirts, I bought size M. All clothes looked amazing on me and I was looking and feeling good naked.

Thus my confidence came back and helped me to get laid several times.

Those were the best days and memories of my life which I will never forget.

I was successful, I was a winner! I loved my life and myself!

This success made me realise, everything is possible, you just have to keep pushing towards it.