“A New Kind Of Personal Trainer Just Made
Working Out In Manchester Fun Again!”

Fat, Unfit People Are Crawling Out Of Their Hiding Places To Have Personal Trainer

Milan King Help Them Discover The Beautiful Body Hidden Within.

Working out in a gym can be depressing. Almost everyone is young and beautiful. Here you are, frumpy, unfit, overweight – you just feel like everyone is looking at you and making fun.

You see all these beautiful people and you’re probably thinking that there’s just no way you can ever look like that! It will take years and years of excruciating exercise. If this is your first time in a gym in years, this will probably be your last time. It’s just so depressing – why even start?

I Know This Feeling. I’ve Been There.

Hi, I’m Milan King. When I was young, I was obese, had high blood pressure, and was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. I was fat and lazy, and all I wanted to do after work was to just crawl into a hole and disappear. I got bullied and made fun of all the time. It was really depressing.

But Then Something Happened That Shook My Beliefs To My Core…

My doctor said that if I didn’t do SOMETHING to change my lifestyle, I would be dead in a few years!

That’s it. I had to try something. So one day, out of desperation, I followed my work associates into the gym and slowly discovered a way to work out that was actually enjoyable. Within a few weeks, I was seeing measurable results and feeling better than I had felt my entire life.

Within 12 weeks, I had totally transformed my body! My fat dropped off, my blood pressure returned to normal, and I actually beat my diabetes! My life literally turned around. Everything I did turned out great. My confidence soared…

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All Because I Wasn’t Going To Let My Doctor’s Death Warning Come True!

When my friends and acquaintances saw my transformation, they asked me how I did it. I showed them everything I had learned about making exercise fun again. So they decided to let me help them, and their transformations were just as amazing as mine!

I decided I now had a new purpose in life – to help those people who hated gyms and “working out” to discover a new way to make exercise fun again. I decided to become a personal trainer – not as some gym rat that always tried to show off and intimidate others, but as someone who has been at the bottom, someone who really wanted to help others just like me to make their lives better.

So, if you live in or near Manchester, you’re in luck. I don’t care what you thought of gyms in the past. I don’t care how fat and frumpy you are now. I don’t care how old you are now…

I WANT TO HELP YOU Discover That Beautiful Body Hidden Inside You.

I want to show you exactly how I discovered how to make exercising fun again. I want to show you how your confidence and self-esteem will soar. I want to show you how you can totally transform your body and your life in a few short weeks!

Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures…

Convinced yet? I really can help you achieve your body goals. All you have to do is just take that first step and come into Cheadle Modern Health Gym here in Stockport and see me. Watch how I work with my clients. Ask questions. Talk to my clients to find out how their life has changed. Let me give you a few ideas on how I can help you transform.

That’s It – No Obligation – No Commitment. Just Come In And Look Around.

Then, when you’re ready to get started, just let me know. I’ll set up a Free 90-Minute Introductory Consultation to give you a full evaluation and a small taste of how exciting working out can be. I’ll show you actual results of real people right here in Manchester.

You’ll be amazed at the experience of losing weight, getting toned, getting real visible results and being complimented by friends and family members more and more often.

Imagine how proud you’ll be when you look in the mirror. The proudness you’ll feel when you go to buy a dress, 2, 3 or 4 sizes smaller and they fit great and look amazing. The proudness you’ll feel when you go to buy new shirts that aren’t XXXL!

You Have Nothing To Lose And So Much To Gain.

What will happen if you decide not to come in and discover the enjoyment of working out?

  • You’ll miss the chance to give yourself a better, healthier and happier life with lots of energy and motivation.
  • You’ll miss the chance to experience new highs in your career.
  • You’ll miss the chance to experience amazing relationships.
  • You’ll miss the chance to raise your living standards and have the most enjoyable life you can imagine.

If you have blood pressure or weight issues, you’re risking your life! You might lose a good few years off your life. You might not be able to live your dreams. Don’t let that happen. Let me help you.

I Have Several Exercise And Pricing Plans Available To Fit Your Budget.


-Pay as you go: £35/h
-Buy 10 sessions: £300
-8 weeks fat blast pack: 3 x sessions /week for 8 weeks.
24 appointments (60 min sessions)

-12 weeks body transformation:

Total: £720 or (Installments: 2 x £360)

 3 x session / week for 12 weeks.

36 appointments (60 min sessions)

Total: £1080 or (Installments: 3 x £360)

-12 weeks life changer:

3 x sessions / week for 12 weeks.

36 appointments (90 min sessions)

Total: £1404 or (Installments: 3 x £468)

All my prices include the gym entrance fee. You decide how often you want to work out and how fast you want to transform. Take it a piece at a time, or go all the way at top speed– it’s up to you. How soon do you want to experience your new life?

The only guarantee I offer is that you will be totally astonished at your transformation if you follow your customized plan. Don’t worry – I’ll keep you motivated to the end!

All you have to do now is give me a call/text at 07722917081 or just send me an e-mail to info@milanking.com

Don’t be afraid. Remember, I’ve been where you are. I am here to change your life. That makes me enjoy my life! All you have to do is take that first step! Come See Me!

To your success!

Milan King

P.S. – What if you don’t live here in Manchester? Don’t worry. I have put my complete 12 Week Body Transformation Program into a digital format so you can enjoy this same amazing transformation in the privacy of your own home. Just Click Here to find out more.